Dear Colleagues,

“International Sustainable Buildings Symposium-ISBS”, which was organized for the first time on 26-28th May 2010 and for the second time on 28-30th May 2015 by Gazi University Technology Faculty Civil Engineering Department, has been completed successfully. With the idea which makes the symposium a regular organization, the “3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium-ISBS 2017” will be held on 15-17th March 2017.

By organizing ISBS 2017, we aim to bring together researchers and experts from both UAE and Turkey and the rest of the world in dialogue with researchers and authorities of implementing and consulting firms and institutions. Researchers having significant reputation on an international scale will be invited to the symposium as keynote speakers. In this context, the symposium will facilitate researchers, academic institutions, municipalities, government bodies, non-governmental organizations, other official and private establishments being active in construction sector and environmental technologies to discuss the current issues in construction and environmental technology areas. In addition, both national and international companies will find the opportunity to introduce their products and services that they can give, and make corporations meet local and foreign experts and authorities from the government agencies.

We wish the symposium will be worthwhile for the participants and the academic community, and we are honoured to see you among us.

On behalf of the International Organizing Committee,

Prof. Dr. Seyhan FIRAT (Chair)                                                                                                Prof. Dr. Abid ABU-TAIR (Chair)                                                                                               Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yılmaz ARUNTAŞ (Co-Chair of Organizing Comittee)                                 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arzuhan Burcu GÜLTEKİN (Co-Chair of Scientific Comittee)                         Assist. Prof. Dr. Hanan TALEB (Co-Chair of Organizing Comittee)

*Full text of accepted proceeding abstracts will under go peer review process.

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